My Talks from 2018

This post is a compilation of all my tech talks from 2018. I thought it will be a good idea to have all the videos accessible from a single page. They are ordered as most recent first.

1. TCR Workshop @ Web3 Summit (22 Oct 2018)

Conducted a workshop, at Web3 Summit 2018, to explain the concepts of Token Curated Registries. Also did a walk through and demo of the smart contract code for my simple TCR implementation.



2. TCR Workshop - BigchainDB - Berlin Blockchain Week (5 Sep 2018)

Presented a BigchainDB based implementation of Token Curated Registries. This was recorded in 2 parts. Part 1 has the core concepts and part 2 has the code walk through.

Part 1

Not sure where that intense look came from. It’s not what it looks like. ;)

Part 2



3. Blockchain and IoT: Integration Patterns - Webinar - IoT Egypt Forum (August 2018)

Presented architectural and integration patterns for Blockchain and IoT in a webinar organized by the Internet of Things Egypt Forum.

4. How to port your dApps to BigchainDB 2.0 - BigchainDB Meetup (July 2018)

Gave a talk at the BigchainDB meetup about Porting Apps to BigchainDB 2.0. There are quite a few changes in BigchainDB 2.0 and some of them directly impact the applications. The talk covered these changes, their impact and a step by step process on app porting.

5. Role Based Access Control for BigchainDB Assets - BigchainDB Meetup (December 2017)

Presented an overview of an RBAC sub-system based on BigchainDB primitives to enable restricted write access in BigchainDB based blockchain networks.

Blockchain, IoT, Token Curated Registries, RBAC
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